Popular Backyard Game Dates Back to Egyptians

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Playing with a bocce ball setDating back to 5000 BC, there’s evidence of Egyptians playing a game that resembles modern-day bocce in cave paintings. This casual competition eventually found its way to the Greeks and Romans, and the social elite adopted it as a sophisticated pastime. It remained a classic but occasional garden game, until it was recently revived as a fun and easy to transport game in the American family culture.

Seemingly a hybrid of skeeball and shuffleboard, bocce is easy to play anywhere. Open bocce is the most streamlined way to play. The pallino ball is thrown first. Next, a team rolls a bocce ball as close to the pallino as they can. The other team also rolls a bocce ball, trying to get closer than the other team’s play. The team who rolls the closest ball when there are none left wins a point. A total of 12 points as a winning goal works best for informal games. If you want a shorter match, trim down the points to wherever works best for you.

A classic bocce ball set includes eight balls, a pallino, and a measuring tape to determine close calls. Check out our 107 mm or 90 mm bocce sets

Bocce Ball

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