What is Badminton?

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Playing with a badminton setBadminton is a classic racquet game that uses a shuttle (or shuttlecock). It can include 2-4 players, depending on the match. Created in British India during the 19th century, the British military invented badminton while stationed in India. Now a globally recognized sport and even played at the Olympics, badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world.

Similar to tennis, the shuttle is a small feathered or plastic object hit over a net that divides the court. For casual games, a weatherproof net and a grassy area work best. A traditional badminton set includes 2-4 racquets, a shuttle, and a regulation size badminton net. Boundary lines are helpful to determine those close, questionable calls. 

Great for any backyard gathering or family barbecue, badminton is a fun outdoor yard game that anyone can play with a bit of practice. Check out our Champions Badminton set and our Volleyball and Badminton combo set


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