About Us

Living in the green, (seasonally) sunny Pacific Northwest, we like to make the most of our summers - backyard bbq's, beach bonfires, and camping fill our weekends, and backyard games are borderline mandatory. But difficult set-ups, broken equipment, and annoying storage solutions were really putting a damper on our fun. So we set out to develop a collection of backyard games that are:

  • Easy to setup
  • Feel solid during play and incredibly durable to last summer after summer
  • Come with storage solutions to make packing up for the next round frustration-free.

So with all barriers to entry removed from the "fun" equation, grab a Baden Backyard game and enjoy your summer!

Baden Backyard is a division of Baden Sports, Inc., a manufacturer of high-end sporting goods. Visit BadenSports.com to see all Baden Sports has to offer.