Badminton Rules

Basic Rules of Badminton

Singles: 1 player per side
Doubles: 2 players per side


Badminton Court Setup

Setting up the Net:

Playing the Game:

One team may choose to serve first or choose the court end. The side that serves first is allowed one service to start the game. Each team receives two serves thereafter.

Serves must be underhand.

Players serve from the right half court when their score is 0 or an even number and from left court when their score is an odd number.

A serve is lost if a player makes a fault when serving. If the receiver makes a fault, the server receives a point and continues the serve.

Teams switch sides after each game.

Each team may only hit the shuttlecock once before returning.

The winning team serves first on the next game.


The winner is the team that wins the best of 3 games.

A team wins a rally when the shuttle is hit over the net onto the opponent’s floor/ground.

Rally Scoring

A point is awarded whenever a team wins a rally, and that team gains control of the serve.

Play each game to 21 points.

Service Scoring

If the serving team wins a rally, they are awarded a point and may serve again.

If the receiving team wins a rally, they are not awarded any points, but gain control of the serve.

Play each game to 15 points.


If the shuttlecock is served overhand.

If the shuttlecock is served from higher than the server’s waist.

If the shuttlecock is not served by striking the ball end.

If the shuttlecock is hit into the net or out of bounds.

If a player or team hits the shuttlecock twice in a row.

If a player reaches over the net, except during a follow through.

If the shuttlecock comes in contact with a player’s body.

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