Croquet Rules

How to Play Croquet


6 Players: Split the players into two teams: a “cool” team playing the black, blue and green balls, and a “hot” team playing the red, orange and yellow balls.
4 Players: If each team has two players, each player plays one ball.
3 Players: If three people are playing, one team is made up of only player who will play both balls for that team.
2 Players: If only two people are playing, each plays two balls.

    Court Setup:

    A regulation-sized croquet court is set up at 50’ wide by 100’ long. 
    Have fun and adjust the court to fit your playing area.
    Place stakes and wickets 6’ from each side and as marked on the court diagram.

      Croquet Rules - Court Setup

      Game Play:

      1. Players take turns in the order of the corresponding colors on the end stakes.
      2. Place your ball halfway between the end stake and first wicket and try to hit it through. If you succeed, you earn a bonus hit for each wicket your ball passes through. If you miss, your turn is over.
      3. Pass your ball through the wickets in the proper order. See diagram: start with wicket 1 and continue to number 14.
      4. If your ball comes to rest in contact with another player’s ball during your turn, it is called a “roquet” and you are awarded 2 bonus hits:
        • Use the first hit to move your opponent’s ball by placing your foot on your own ball and striking it so your ball stays in place, but your opponent’s ball is moved off course.
        • Use the second bonus hit to move your ball toward the next wicket.
      1. Once your ball has been hit through all 14 wickets, you may end your game by hitting the end stake, or you may return your ball to the court to serve as a rover:
        • The rover may be used to help your partner and hinder opponents. 
        • The rover may roquet any ball in play, once per turn, unless the rover passes through a wicket. The rover cannot roquet a ball twice in a row.
        • Take your rover ball out of play when it hits the final stake.

      The team that is the first to hit the final stake with all balls wins the game.

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