Giant Tumbling Blocks Rules

The Giant Tumbling Blocks set consists of 54 wooden blocks. To set up the game, stack all the blocks in levels of three placed next to each other along their sides and at a right angle to the previous level.

Once the tower has been built, the player who stacked the tower moves first. A move consists of taking one block from a level of the tower and then placing the block on the topmost level.

Any block can be used except for those on the level below the top incomplete level, which should not be moved. Only one hand can be used at a time to remove or replace a block. It is not permitted to hold or steady the tumble tower with the other hand.

Players may tap a block to find a loose one. Any blocks moved but not played should be replaced. The player’s turn is over once the next person touches the tower or after 10 seconds has elapsed, whichever occurs first.

The game ends when the tower falls completely or if any block, other than the block a player is moving, falls from the tower.

The loser is the player who causes the tower to fall, typically the player whose turn it is.