Tetherball Rules

Basic Setup:

  1. Designate an area with a 16 - 20’ diameter for play
  2. Dig a hole in the center of the court area 1’ deep and 18-24” in diameter. The pole base should protrude up to  ½” above the surface
  3. Place the pole base in the hole and tightly pack up to half of the pole base with dirt and/or gravel. Fill the remainder of the hole with cement keeping the pole base at a 90° angle to the ground
  4. Connect the three pole pieces ensuring each piece locks into place
  5. Inflate the tetherball with the pump if necessary
  6. Hook the tetherball to the loop on the top pole
  7. Insert the pole into the pole base
 tetherball pole installation Tetherball court diagram

Basic Rules of Tetherball:

  • The player serving first can select a direction to hit the ball
  • The receiving player hits the ball back in the opposite direction
  • The objective is to hit the ball in your direction so the rope wraps completely around the pole
  • Alternate Play: after serving, the server cannot touch the ball again until the rope is wrapped around the pole 4 times or the opponent touches the ball


  • 1 point is awarded to a player for wrapping the rope as far around the pole as it will go in his or her direction


  • If any of the following unintentional penalties occur, the game is paused, the ball is returned to where it was wrapped when the penalty occurred and the other player takes over the serve
  • Crossing to the opponent’s side
  • Double hitting: striking the ball more than once before it wraps around the pole or the opponent hits it
  • Hitting the ball with any part of the body other than the hands or arms
  • Holding or catching the ball
  • Touching or grabbing the rope
  • If a player grabs the pole or if a player commits 3 unintentional penalties in 1 game, that player loses the game

Winning the game:

Tetherball how to win

The player with the highest score after 7 games wins the game

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